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About Armenia

Armenia is one of the oldest countries of the South Caucasus. It is the only modern country, which was marked on the map of ancient Babylon. Armenia has centuries history and rich cultural heritage and often is called an open air museum. The territory of Armenia belongs to the young alpine zone, which is still in the process of occurrence of the mountains. The highest point in Armenia is a mount Aragats with the height of 4090 meters and the lowest -is a Debit gorge gorge with the deep of 400 metres. The whole highland is located at an average altitude of 1,800 meters above the sea.Armenia has an area of about 29.743 square meters, the official language is Armenian, population-3316000,the currency is an armenian dram, the capital is Yerevan.Armenia is the first state to adopt Christianity as a state religion, which stay unchanged until now. The role, spirit and the soul of Christianity can be found everywhere:in ancient churches, khachkars, many of which are included in the UNESCO list (Garni, Geghard, Noravank, Zvartnots Temple). The symbols of Armenian are the biblical Ararat, treasure is a Lake Sevan. Number of tourists is increasing every year. Our hospitality, centuries history, beautiful nature and the inherited culture attracts and captivates as a magnet . Anyone who has ever seen Armenia falls in love with forever.


There are a lot of attractions in Armenia . But the most fabulous view every visitor is impressed is wonderful view of Mount Ararat. Armenia attractions are unique ,they have different cultural , historical , religious and environmental importance. There is a library rich of ancient manuscripts Matenadaran in the center of Yerevan the capital of Armenia . There are presented the world-famous parchment and masterpieces of Armenian painters. The best-known Christian churches - Gegart, Noravank, Khor Virap, Tatev monastery, which beauty, originality and architectural singularity , beautiful countryside deeply touch everyone. Looking at them it's hard to believe that it is handmade. Armenia has always valued his history and culture. In witness of there is a pagan temple from the ancient times in Armenia , which is now included in the UNESCO list. Armenian pearl , blue-eyed belle Sevan, it is really a reflection of heaven on earth. Armenia is also known for it's resorts, such as Jermuk, Arzni, Dilijan. Jermuk mineral water in its composition and utility similar to the healing waters of Karlovy Vary. Resently , it has also become known for a ski vacation. For example - Tsakhkadzor, which is considerable one of the most hospitable and beautiful places in Armenia. It is located on a hillside Teghenis, surrounded by green meadows and virgin forests. Talking about the sights of Armenia we must say about Tatev Monastery. The road ,labyrinths, stone stairs, massive cliffs, deep depressions, the gulf and the the river murmur close to Devil's Bridge, which is reached from a distance will impress every visitor. There is also a cableway "Tatevi tever", which is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's longest passenger cableway.

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